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October 16, 2011 by spanishseville

Joder has a very similar use in Spanish as “fuck”. It works as an exclamation in a vast number of occasions, expressing anger, surprise, admiration, pleasure, displeasure, etc..

As a verb, it has the same literal meaning as in English (to have sex), but it also has a negative meaning (again, as in English):

Joder a alguien: to annoy, bother, anger, harm somebody: No me jodas, deja de joderme

Joderla: to fuck up something: La hemos jodido. Esos idiotas la han jodido (they fucked it up)

As an adjective, it has pretty much the same meaning as “fucking”, and it is used to emphasize any word: ¿Dónde están las jodidas llaves? (Where are the fucking keys?)



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