October 12, 2011 by spanishseville

Coño is the Spanish slang term for female genitals. It would be the equivalent of cunt, but it sounds a lot more acceptable in Spanish than in English. While it’s not a word that you would use in a formal environment, it is very much accepted in casual conversations as  an exclamation. It can be used in an incredible range of situations and can express almost anything: Admiration, wonder, praise, surprise, disgust, pain, etc.. Some examples:

– ¡Coño, qué cerveza! (admiration)

– ¡Coño!, me he pillado la mano. (pain)

– ¡Coño, deja de molestar! (anger)

Please note that coño sounds a lot stronger when used to designate the female genitals.

Related slang words are coña and coñazo



2 thoughts on “coño

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